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We buy all types of cullet (processed and unprocessed)
We sell cullet (raw material for glass), glass sand, glass powder, and products processed from these


  • Recycling glass since 1952
  • In addition to great inventory capacity, we can procure the glass you are looking for
  • Five factories in Japan, maximum production capacity 250,000 tons/year
  • The cullet manufacturer trusted by many glass manufacturers
Our strengths are
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Materials handled

  • Empty bottles
  • Plate glass
  • Fluorescent tube glass
  • LCD glass, CRT glass, other consumer electronics glass
  • Tableware glass (mass produced)
  • Cullet derived from any of the above

Major customers

Glass factories (manufacturers of bottles, plate glass, glass fiber, glass beads, etc.)

Major material sources

Governments (from municipalities to national ministries and agencies), glass plants, beverage manufacturers, food product manufacturers, building material makers, retail industry, restaurant chains, convenience store chains, and more.

Raw materials handled

All of the above are divided into unprocessed and processed cullet.
Toshima Glass deals in both.
We are especially eager to import/export, with a focus on selling outside Japan.

  • Unprocessed: The raw material (source) of cullet is glass in basic forms like empty bottles
  • Processed: When the source has been processed, the result is a true cullet product